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Post by phantasmagoria on Wed 10 Sep 2008, 8:35 am

I haven't written anything in ages, so this is a bit/lot shitty.

She threw a tantrum and he made a scene
They were the perfect equivalent of love and hate
This ainít right, but itís the way the system rolls
Like the curling iron you used for formality
Your dress is out the picture now, since your mouth is in blisters
One down
Two lost
Looks like we lost a soul
Again, again.

It was a scene made for the elitist, right out of a fashion magazine
He loses his temper. She breaks her heel
Oh, call it quits to the dramatics this time, if only

Blood red eyes and a crowd cheering them on
The world is your fight, and they love to see you lose
Tally marks for a broken heart and open wound
Yeah, he loves to see you lose

Are pictures worth this momentary gain?
Youíll be out the door when shit hits the fan
According to the press, youíre close to wind
Two down
They lost
Looks like theyíre pinned against yesterday.
Again, again.
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