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Post by tea-boy. on Thu 15 Jan 2009, 7:07 am

This probably won't make much sense if you've never really delved into Christian mythology. whatnow? O_O


Praise your every word.
You'll burn hotter than hell.
Son of the last, what makes you any different?
You are Mammon.
Leave me be.

You spun the lies.
You committed the crime.
You're a slave to your pride.
I've fallen before, but not this time.

Sew your lips with a thread of fire.
I am deaf to you.
I was your daughter and then your soul.
I gave you words, you gave me life.
I've fallen before, but not this time.

Artist of evil,
You carved me out of darkness.
The smallest piece is forever yours

You are Mammon.
Please, just leave me be.

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