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You Empty You

Post by Smile, Lovely on Sat 17 Jan 2009, 5:41 pm

You were more of a jewel then a stone
Cold, smooth and as still as an ice cube
Before you tumbled, melting into my chest

I tried to catch all the words
And place them into the space of my thoughts
But all I could hear was "You"

And I wondered,
What was I in this Plath-like meltdown?
A friend? A mistake? The reason?
I didn't know, but all I could do was hold you,

The treasure
Against my chest, hoping that I was sacred enough
Ancient enough
To know the difference between a jewel and a stone.

And if I didn't,
Pray that this friend, mistake or reason,
Wouldn't be the end of me.

Smile, Lovely
Smile, Lovely
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