The true love story?

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The true love story? Empty The true love story?

Post by tea-boy. on Fri 13 Feb 2009, 8:29 am

Time and Destruction are two long lost lovers.
Destruction can't find him and she's so very sad.
Alas, theirs is a story of whirlwinds on repeat.
Time and Destruction reunite, but in the worst moments.
The storm clangs and bags and they are whole for a second.
And then the calm after the storm.
Their embrace is lost once again and the woe is cemented again.
But look to the north.
Shattered glass and hearts.
Their love story wrote another into the History books.
The tears come to both parties.
What have they done?

We never forgive ourselves because it's not our fault.
But really, we won't forgive because we can't forget.
Take the last as you will. I see from both sides of the field.

There was a boy who shared your bones, your eager blood, your affinity for love.
He had it all in his hands, and he watched it all turn to sand.

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