Abyssal Damnation

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Abyssal Damnation Empty Abyssal Damnation

Post by Isis on Sat 14 Feb 2009, 12:54 pm

Another old one because I haven't written anything in forever. Enjoy. you have pleased him

Abyssal Damnation

Please, love,
This one last time
Follow me to the edge
Give me a bitter sweet smile
As I'm condemned to this fate
And as I plunge into this
Flaming abyss
Turn away
Look back again
Shed not a tear for me
That which I do not deserve
Fire consuming my flesh
Not unlike my sins
had unto my soul
Long ago
Let my memory
Deteriorate into dust
Leaving me, like a secret,
Hidden in the back of your mind
As light bleeds from the sun,
Revealing, in it's wake
What I couldn't
Walk away
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