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Post by tea-boy. on Wed 18 Feb 2009, 6:51 am

This is the point where all the sadness you've ever felt fuses together.
This is the point where all the sympathy you've ever been given ties itself around your heart and squeezes until it explodes.
This the point where everything you've ever read zooms through your brain at impossible speeds.
This is the point where your whole life and your entire being become reality.
This is the point where every fight you fought, every dream, every thought that took you over break through the walls and rush through your soul.
This is the point where everything you ever felt, every belief you've ever held, everything that helped or hurt is questioned.
This is the point where every past action and every spoken word are put under the light.
This is the pinnacle, this is the brink.
Fall or fly.
Fall or fly?

No negativity, no optimism, just a choice that will effect which one you choose.

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