(c) Crush (G)

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(c) Crush (G)

Post by Galileo Figaro on Thu 19 Feb 2009, 6:34 pm

Title: Crush
Type: Long drabble/Non-fiction
Rating: G
Warnings: Very fluffy.
Summary: Something that just tumbled out one day. 'Cute', I suppose you could call it.
Excerpt: He asks you something. Silly boy. How can he expect a straight answer when he's looking right at you like that?


God has hit pause on the world, and the only two people unaffected are you and him. Suddenly, everything seems brighter, more colourful, surreal; but it doesn't really matter, because all that does is him, him, him. But you can't move, can't think, can't breathe -- on second thoughts, maybe you aren't unaffected by the pause, after all.

He's looking at you. He's coming over to you. Oh, no. Your heart clenches, but you're not sure if it's from fear or delight.

He asks you something. Silly boy. How can he expect a straight answer when he's looking right at you like that? Your brain is still frozen, and so, unscanned words tumble from your mouth, twice as fast as usual. You can tell from his expression that he understands none of it.

Deep breath. Pull yourself together, now.

He reaches out and touches your chin real quick, for no reason at all. His eyes are alight with amusement, and you're completely lost all over again. Your mind blanks hopelessly, and you stare; the corners of his mouth lift a little, and still, you stare.

Too long, you tell yourself after a bit. Do something. Now.

Dazedly, you open your mouth and rerecite the jumbled mess you did a moment ago, just a little slower this time. The next thing you know, he's thanked you (with that dorky thumbs-up thing he does) and you're walking away, still a little dazed.

He's turned you into such an idiot, it's unbelievable. You don't like it one bit.

You throw a quick glance over your shoulder to see him chatting animatedly with someone.

What you do like, though, is him.

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