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Eden - The Evil Version Empty Eden - The Evil Version

Post by LightningRod on Mon 23 Feb 2009, 4:46 am

FYI This is not a response or follow-on from Eden by Isis.

Eden - The Evil Version

In the Land of Desire,
Their hearts filled with fire,
Were the hopes for the Human Race.


Watching them live the lie,
Believing He (‘God’) is SO Mighty and High.
I sat there in disgust, thinking, urging…

Yet they could be living THE life,
If they just set themselves free…
I sighed and rested on the Forbidden Tree.
However there’s no Rest for the Wicked.


That was it!
The Tree was the answer!
Make the Humans the culprit,
They get exiled, I get rewarded,
Possibly a promotion!
The Closer to ‘God’, the easier it would be to usurp him!

There she was. It was the perfect time.
She was all alone, ready for the taking,
As the Fruit was ripe for the picking.

Hung over her shoulder, she merely wondered at me.
‘God’ had not warned her about me?
The old man must be losing it,
or maybe I was better than him now…

Anyway she was easy to sway from ‘God’s’ brainwashing,
Threw in a hint about being as clever as ‘God’.
Works a treat.
And like the poison of a snake, the sin quickly spread to Adam.
KABLAM! Oh they were going to get it now!

I sat back waiting for the Grand Finale,
‘God’ was very quick off the mark,
Only 1 minute after they had the fruit.
Not Bad…

Then he drew his trick from his sleeve,
Dirty player…
He only went and banished me as well,
throwing me to Hell!
The Cheek!

However as we freefall to our impending doom,
I realise that in fact, this is better,
than ANY promotion in Heaven.
Red Scare

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Eden - The Evil Version Empty Re: Eden - The Evil Version

Post by Jack Skellington on Mon 23 Feb 2009, 4:49 am

Really makes you think about religion.
5 stars. -loves-
Jack Skellington
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Eden - The Evil Version Empty Re: Eden - The Evil Version

Post by lyrical_mess on Sat 14 Mar 2009, 7:32 pm


Cuz I didn't realize about the POV until the third verse. I love love love "excssssssssselllent". And I don't know whether to think "poor thing" or "pwnt". :P
Red Scare

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Eden - The Evil Version Empty Re: Eden - The Evil Version

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