I used to love you, you know.

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I used to love you, you know. Empty I used to love you, you know.

Post by FUCT up on Wed 25 Feb 2009, 12:08 am

I used to love you, you know
But that was when your embrace was warm and welcoming
I must say, Iím surprised I didnít feel your scales and claws
When you grasped around my heart, only to pull it out
Better to do it quick and painless they say
You mustnít have heard this, slow and steady was how you cut the arteries
I used to be the same, you know
Maybe a little bit less wise, a little bit less wary
When I wake up, Iím always someone new, you like to think itís my fault
Iím someone else from who you used to love
I often think, that the you I used to love, was someone else too
Maybe the better parts of our souls left these godforsaken bodies
And met somewhere else, left our unmanned ships alone on this beach
Two hearts entwined on the sand with an SOS so pitiful you had to close your eyes
I remember when your eyes were thoughtful and caring
They bore through mine as we faced each other
Hearts pounding, hands fumbling, ah how foolish we had been
I should have been wise to your act, puppy eyes donít commit
The only thing I wanted to commit to, was a knife
And you wanted to commit me to a life of guilt
You wanted to lead me around, to need you to survive, be complacent with your every whim
No, I donít think so, I donít need you to stand on my own two feet
For these are my feet, and not yours, you may go where you like
And oh but you do, you go all over town, just donít come back to me
But you do, you always do, itís a part of you that hasnít changed I guess
I saw you the other day, your an icon amongst your scene
A beacon of all that you and they stand for, but then you stand for nothing
You loathe yourself, I can certainly see why
The blank eyed followers adore you, but they will be first to dismiss you at the first chance
That someone better comes along, tell me, how does it feel to be replaced?
An eye for an eye they say, I must say, I agree with this sentiment
Your eyes are worthless to me now anyway
I donít want to look into you and see what might have been
Your soul is all but spent and my time on this earth is all but up
I used to love you, you know
But that was then, and this is now
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