(c) Circus Freak (M)

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(c) Circus Freak (M)

Post by rock and/or roll on Thu 11 Sep 2008, 8:44 pm

Title: Circus Freak
Rating: M
Author: Me (Smashed Pumpkin)
Status: One-shot/Complete
Warnings: slash of the Joker/Dr Crane (Scarecrow) Variety, some mild violence, drug use (?)

Note: This is the product of a challenge given to me by a friend.

Circus Freak

The dark little eyes bulged out of their too-tight sockets. A smile was ripped into the pallid paint smeared over his face, twisted, protruding thick red veins slicing each cheek into a grotesque caricature of glee. He advanced, features fiercer than usual, teeth fang-like, nails like talons ready to latch onto prey and tear fragments of flesh.

Fear clenched the other man’s senses, the gas lingering within his nasal cavity, down his oesophagus as he was backed into a corner of the cell. Vulnerable and afraid. Mind trapped by a hallucinogenic turned against its distributor, body trapped by the material fastenings that were restraining his shaking limbs. Eyes wide and fixated on the clown, a haunting tune begin to repeat in a stilted loop; each lingering note embedded itself into his skull.

“What’s wrong, Doctor Crane?” the clown asked in a simpering tone.

Spindly hands gripped the doctor’s straightjacket, jerking him forward. Chests collided with enough force to push the air out of lungs. Doctor Crane found himself slammed back into the wall. His back connected painfully with the course texture of the wall, hard stone and old paint. That twisted smile leered at him through his drug-induced haze. He was helpless, an ant under a magnifying glass being played with by a malicious child.

“Is it the scars, Doctor?” the mouth drawled.

Doctor Crane failed to reply. His eyes were pinned open wide. Lips trembled, mouth devoid of moisture from the dense air and gaseous substance. Quaking hands attempted to grip the white material that bound them, attempted to break through the constraints. No such luck. They balled into sweaty and weak fists.

The Joker stared intently at his trapped victim, outlined eyes narrowed and a smile spread lunatically across his deformed features. An overwhelming air of dread flickered throughout the doctor’s terrified eyes. His mouth could do nil but mouth the same word repeatedly in his deluded state- clownclownclown – as the warped circus tune continued to resound within the corners of his mind. And the clown’s smudged mask of red, white and black continued to advance.

The scarred face met his, painted flesh on naked skin as the red lips forced themselves onto his. Brutal, fanatical, demanding. Claw-like hands gripped painfully at his hips. Hard wall dug into his spine. A jolt of alarm mixed with terror ran through his feeble body as a warm moist tongue touched his mouth. He could barely move save for the quivering of his limbs. It felt acidic, poisonous, snaking through his unresisting mouth. Foreign saliva blended with his as his face was savaged. Through his delusions, he was almost certain he heard an aroused moan erupt from one of the mouths. But whose, he couldn’t decipher.

Within the next short minutes, he was stripped of his constraints and his arms had been forced around the other man’s neck. Flesh collided with rough enthusiasm. Hot heavy moans fell from the lips of both parties.

Clownclownclown. Terror gripped the doctor’s chest. His heart beat accelerated. Hands became shaky and began to perspire. His arms around The Joker’s neck began to quiver and hang loosely. The kissing stopped and the clown slackened his grip on the other man. A maniacal grin returned as he surveyed the doctor, trembling under his gaze.

“Why so scared?” he questioned, smirk terrifying through the doctor’s frightened eyes.

He clenched a hand around the doctor’s now naked arm. Reaching into a pocket of his purple suit, he drew out a small vial. The doctor’s trembling instantly worsened as his eyes slowly focused on what was in The Joker’s hand.

“Maybe this will help.”

Checked; SP
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