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Post by Flow on Sun 15 Mar 2009, 8:28 am

Haha, some kid was telling me about how poetry was for fags and rapping was beast.
This was my epic comeback:

lyrics can stab,
words can decimate,
rhythm can jab,
poetry can annihilate.
flip through your lexicon,
see if you can synonym,
the vocabulary that runs deep,
i can murder, on a simple whim.

short and sweet. (:

I was thinking of creating a second stanza..
starting with:

It isn't easy to translate emotions to words,
it's like translating Chinese to the language of the birds.

Any suggestions?
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Poetic Comeback Empty Re: Poetic Comeback

Post by lyrical_mess on Tue 17 Mar 2009, 9:47 pm

i like. and i remember this. and xD.

and also the last bit is gramatically incorrect. but whatever.

as for suggestions:

but with effort, even rocks can speak.
sadly your efforts have been too weak
because you don't know how your soul can sing
if you can just find the words that have the right ring.
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