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Post by lyrical_mess on Sun 15 Mar 2009, 2:07 pm

Silence is painful,
perhaps the lesser evil
but you'd never believe
how terrible it feels
when words are forcing
fighting their way to
the tip of your tongue
and all you can do is
die trying to keep your lips closed.
I'm just dying to let you know.

Can it be our little secret?
And you'd never tell a soul.
Just once in my life,
I'd like to take that kind of chance
but you see, I need guarantee
that no one who knows would laugh.

So I'd have to make sure
that no one even knows
and you know that it means
you could never tell a soul,
but I trust in only me,
i guess i'll never tell a soul
though it breaks me,

not even you.
Red Scare

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