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"Breakdown & Cry" Empty "Breakdown & Cry"

Post by OmegaPatty on Thu 19 Mar 2009, 9:46 pm

For those who don't know, I like to write my poetry as if they were songs. And please, no copying! I poured my heart and soul into these, so... Enjoy!

"Breakdown & Cry"

Verse 1:
Itís too late to say what you felt yesterday
Wonít give you the time of day from your deceitful display
I donít wanna be always fooled easily and so ashamed of me
Because of your betrayal, it was hurtful
To just turn your back on me, and say
That I never gave you room to breathe

Chorus 1:
But I guess Iím tryiní to say this will happen all the time
The extremes of agony should be recognised as a crime
But while Iím faking a smile, I am dying inside
But once Iím all alone, I sit down, then I breakdown and cry
Friends will ask how Iím feeling and I lie to keep my vain
Cos I donít want to expose that Iím in great deal of pain
So I disguise what I feel even though itís not real
Until I go home at night, then I break down and cry

Verse 2:
What can I do when I feel undeniably raw within?
Donít even know where to begin; does this heartache make you think
That Iím lonely and that I just love misery
Do you confine your pain and continue to deny?
Do you burst into tears and hope for a new day of light?
Either way this will always repeat in your life

Chorus 2:
Well I say what I believe, this will occur all the time
The meaning of misery is one truly tragic rhyme
So while Iím hiding my pain from all the pride I will gain
Some days I will explode controlling my emotional strain
People ask me how I feel and I lie to their curious face
Cos I donít want them to know that Iím all over the place
So I disguise with a smile as I suffer inside
And then when Iím out of sight, I will breakdown and cry
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