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"I'm Sorry" Empty "I'm Sorry"

Post by OmegaPatty on Thu 19 Mar 2009, 9:48 pm

For those who don't know, I like to write my poetry as if they were songs. And please, no copying! I poured my heart and soul into these, so... Enjoy!

"I'm Sorry"

Verse 1:
Never thought that it could ever end up this way,
Never thought that I could ever make myself to stay,
How could I have kept going and acting throughout this play,
A theatrical mess that needs to be cleaned away,

This cruelty in my veins,
Keeps boiling and like blood it stains,
Iím about to go insane,

Iím sorry I did not believe,
In you, I was not able to relieve,
I could not know just how to show,
My feelings were completely low,
Iím sorry that I could not meet,
The part where weíd end up being so sweet,
As I go you need to know I must let go,
My heart had lost all of its flow,

Verse 2:
As I walk away I pick my heart off the floor,
Iíll wipe off the dirt and Iíll walk through the door,
Donít try to stop me coz I canít hold on anymore,
I want you to move on, that is all Iím asking for,

Maybe one of these days,
You might find your own special place,
And without me in the way,

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3:
Itís my fault all this time,
But my apology wonít rest this crime,
Yes it was I who did you wrong,
I kept it from you all along,
God, shame on me

Repeat Chorus
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