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"Forsaken" Empty "Forsaken"

Post by OmegaPatty on Thu 19 Mar 2009, 9:57 pm

For those who don't know, I like to write my poetry as if they were songs. And please, no copying! I poured my heart and soul into these, so... Enjoy!


Verse 1:
Iím sitting in the corners of my room,
Not feeling anything except the gloom,
Iím losing grip of everything I touch,
The pain Iím feeling is too much,
Will I be living life in loneliness?
Cursed in feeling emptiness,
The distant of the hearts is near,
A prophecy that I will fear,

I cannot keep on living with my life,
I am meant to be forsaken,
I cannot keep on going through my life,
I deserve to be forgotten,
Iím broken in my soul and in my mind,
In my dreams a Hell Iíll find,
Iím slowly turning into a demon,
I deserve to be forsaken,

Verse 2:
I feel delirious in my bedroom,
And beating myself up coz of my doom,
Or maybe itís just that I feel alone,
Things I feel as I have grown,
But Iím wishing to have no more tears,
They wonít come true it appears,
The distant of the hearts is near,
A prophecy that I will fear,

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3:
There once was a time when I could feel strong,
But itís all gone now; itís been so long,
I shut myself out so Iíll do no wrong,
Cold in my bed is where I belong,

Donít bother caring; no words are spoken,
And forever Iíll be broken
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