"Poetic Tragedy"

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"Poetic Tragedy" Empty "Poetic Tragedy"

Post by OmegaPatty on Thu 19 Mar 2009, 10:27 pm

For those who don't know, I like to write my poetry as if they were songs. And please, no copying! I poured my heart and soul into these, and this is one of my favourites... Enjoy!

"Poetic Tragedy"

Verse 1:
You plagiarized your way to my heart,
Stolen lyrics from someoneís feelings,
Then moulded to suit you,
Re-writing notes for you to sing your tune,
Serenaded that beautiful verse,
And the music was soothing,

But then the devil hiding inside of you started showing through,
Never thought that you could be so cruel,
Took advantage of my vulnerability when Iím feeling weak,
Every time you speak it made me believe,
That youíre for real, but youíre a magic trick,

Your harmonies and melodies,
Consumed every fibre of my being,
Your heart and soul, your voice and words,
Your song captured what I had been feeling,
Forging deceit that would hurt me,
Your oath to me, counterfeit completely,
But now youíve torn me up entirely,
Itís a poetic tragedy,

Verse 2:
I was misled by your shiny wrapping,
Got addicted to your sweet candy words,
I was easily seduced,
Blinded by the artificial taste,
You allured me to your web of my death,
And I was devoured whole,

But inevitably your fake poetry executed me,
Never given me proper release,
Now Iím withering and every glistening tear that is falling,
On my dirty skin starts sizzling,
Itís acidic, but it wonít kill me,

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3:
Itís so astounding the effort youíve made,
To come and re-arrange my life,
And be back-stabbed by your blade,
Writing on paper was deadly,
Rhyming on to steal my heart away,
Yet this is nothing but a poetic tragedy,

Repeat Chorus

Mascara runs like bleeding wrists caused by misery of eternal torment.
Given as a horrific, haunting gift and remains forever from lifeís wretched being.
It all comes down upon you, the showering meteors of heavy burdens.
And the impact of the destruction will have you succumbed in depressed years.
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