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Post by OmegaPatty on Fri 20 Mar 2009, 11:02 pm

For those who don't know, I like to write my poetry as if they were songs. And please, no copying! I poured my heart and soul into these, and this is one of my favourites... Enjoy!


Verse 1:
I wake up in the morning,
Stretched and yawned, and now Iím smiling,
Thinking about what will happen,
To see if today will be filled with laughing,
I eat my breakfast and drink my juice,
I brush my teeth and shower with shampoo,
I dry myself and get dressed,
Now I feel so good and refreshed,
I sit down and watch TV,
To see whatís up in the music scene,
I see my favourite song playing,
I watch the video while Iím singing,
I changed the channel to a movie,
It got my attention coz itís funny,
I checked the time and I fussed,
Because Iím gonna be late for the bus,

I am happy to be alive,
No matter how rough the slide,
Iím just glad to be alive,
With everything right by my side,

Verse 2:
I caught the bus right on time,
Looks as if today Luck is all mine,
I grabbed a seat with a window,
I stuck my head out and felt the wind blow,
I pressed the bell and got out,
I said thank you in one great big shout,
I meet up with my friends,
To spend the day until the very end,
We walked around to all the stores,
Having signs that all say Sales Galore,
Now Iím in a big frenzy,
Buying shit till I have no money,
We were famished and needed food,
Ate as much and it all tasted good,
I looked up to the sun,
And thought about how today was fun,

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3:
I come home to see my family,
Whom I know Iíll love for eternity,
I ran up to my dog,
I pat itís head and gave it a big hug,
I dropped dead on my bed,
With my music headphones on my head,
Turned it up and Iím humming,
I hear the music and bass line pumping,
I turned down my music,
Grabbed a paper and pen, and used it,
To write the song Iím singing now,
I thought of today and wrote it, thatís how,
I get ready to go to bed,
Not one tear today I have shed,
I pray to God in my mind,
To see what the next day has in line
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