Learning Japenese is fun

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Learning Japenese is fun Empty Learning Japenese is fun

Post by Adrisole Q. Kazoo on Wed 08 Apr 2009, 5:30 am

Especially if you're only learning, like, 30 seconds of it :')

Another random and pointless update, but whatever.

ONEEEEE, I AM GETTING MY BRACES OFF TOMORROW. Holy sheeeeeit, I am so happy. (: I have a pretty radical retainer, too, it's like purple with black leopard spots~

Two, back to the title, I feel really accomplished. The song 'Infatuation' by teh ~jb has a Japanese chorus, however badly pronounced it is. It's real nifty/odd/weird but mostly weird when they do it, but i wanted to learn it anyway. SO I DID HAYYY

don na, don na omoi mo~

Haha i tried to put it on video but i screwed up my camera. again. i'll see if i can fix it.

also, the academy is... this weekend!


penguins do the darndest things comes up in suggestions on youtube

OMG it may not seem like a big deal but it is to us. hahah.
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