Lost & Found old documents.

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Lost & Found old documents. Empty Lost & Found old documents.

Post by Adrisole Q. Kazoo on Sun 26 Apr 2009, 6:00 am

I thought I'd share them with you guys; they're from 2006 and 2006. : ) They're separated by hyphens, aaand there's notes in bold.

I vaguely remember writing this. It's actually... kind of... good? For my age at the time... it's kind of calming to me now, idk.

As my friends talk and laugh, I'm laying on the grass.

It's cloudy. I look up into the sky. I wonder, 'How many days do I have left; before I depart from this world, and enter this world's alias?'

But I will never know.

Will this be the exact view that I see? Or will it be the complete opposite?

I might be lying, stomach-down, on a soft bed of clouds. Looking through a gap in them, I see my previous world. I see my friends, who did not recieve the same fate as me, not going long before their time. It might be like I was on an airplane, due to never land.


Or, wait; have I been bad all my life? Have I sinned over the limit? I'd go to Hell. Would it be like I had pictured it? Red and orange skies; filled with suffocating black smoke, winding its finger around your neck? Hell would be the place where you'd be scared of everyone around you. One false move, and you'd be murdered. What did these people do to sin?

I was abruptly shot back from my thoughts when my friend called out my name.

"Jenna, it's starting to rain, I gotta go.”

But why do they see rain? I see sun, poking out through white, billowy clouds, glowing warmth on my skin.

Oh well, I guess that, like Heaven or Hell, we will never know.

OMG I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW I STILL HAD THIS! I deleted this Ronnie Winter fic off mibba AGES ago but I thought I lost it. Omg omg I will have to work on this and repost it. OVERJOYYYED though it's horrid now haha. No other way to cut down this chapter so excuse the sudden endiing.

May 10, 2007. I was sitting on a swing alone at the park. Why do I always have to be alone? I waited for a while, quietly singing to myself.

Just then, someone from behind pushed me high into the air on the swing and came back down under me. After I let out a scream that sounded more like a squeal, I saw Ronnie’s grinning face.

“You sound like a dog,” he laughed. I loved how his eyes lit up when he laughed.
“You scared me,” I said. He sat down on the swing next to me and kissed me on the cheek. “How are ya’, princess?”

I also find the following quote kinda funny because I ALWAYS used to talk like this in rl:

As I handed the basket over to him, I got distracted and knocked over a glass.

Damn bread basket.

And um I just reread this aaand I just realized these were my old neopets friends. Yes, neopets. Omg I miss Anime so much Lost & Found old documents. 203854

I just wanted to find my best friends: Ann, Christy, Luck, Mandy, and Anime. Ann was a little of this, a little of that; but she understood me in my times of need, as well I in hers. And she also owned me in playing computer games! Christy always tried to help anyone that ever asked for it; and she most often succeeded. Luck was always fun to be around. We all asked her if we could call her ‘Lucky’, but she stood harshly against it. Mandy was the type who wouldn’t gripe about anything. She’d take bad news and form it into a lesson for ‘next time’. Anime was quite the fun type of friend! He’d always like to talk in third person, and we’d all follow and have fun. Even though we’d all been friends for the longest of time, none of us know Anime’s real name. Except me.

It was Andy. Ha-ha.


“Speak up, no one but Gerard will bite,” he grinned.


And now, random p33ktures. lol@chu

Proof: I HAVE had long hair. And I miss it. DD:
Old favorite, man. Katie should remember this, if she comes on anymore. you have pleased him
bahahah COMIC
le gasp, then.

lol@chu Thought it'd give you guys a few laughs.
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Lost & Found old documents. Empty Re: Lost & Found old documents.

Post by Jack Skellington on Tue 28 Apr 2009, 4:11 am

Holy god I remember when your hair was all long and whatnot. you have pleased him
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