I had a dream

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I had a dream Empty I had a dream

Post by Who we are. on Thu 07 May 2009, 6:46 pm

not about a pressing issue, not about something that matters, not ever something you even care about.
Its the same as always.
The same car, the same bridge, the same fucking dream for five fucking years.
I wish, more than anything, more than i love anyone that it would stop. Cause well, its hurting me and them. Badly, very badly.
I wake up shaking, crying, sweating and i try to hide it when im at someones house and i have it.
I hid it from the psychiatrist. I even hid it from Richard. And hid it from some friends.
I though, hey its just a dream. It will stop eventully, but no. It hasnt. Now its evolved into something diffrent -but the same. Just as terrifying.
I dont know.
Just wanted to type this.
Who we are.
Who we are.
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I had a dream Empty Re: I had a dream

Post by Adrisole Q. Kazoo on Thu 07 May 2009, 6:48 pm

I had a dream 203854 Recurring dreams are horrible... -loves-
Adrisole Q. Kazoo
Adrisole Q. Kazoo

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