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Post by Adrisole Q. Kazoo on Thu 14 May 2009, 10:55 am

Tonight was Madina Lake’s Attics to Eden record release show, here in Chicago, ‘cause they’re our hometown boys. (:

We waited outside for a while, from, like… 6 to 7:30? And we saw Christine and Ariel from the Comafemme shows so were were like HAYYY. Then we went up front real quick to go say hi to Holly and her friend. :]

We went back, and I saw two people walking down the sidewalk… I was like, “Hey, Linzy, doesn’t that look like Tomasz and Chrispy [from Comasoft] from far away? Wait…” And it was actually them, haha. Christine, Ariel, Linzy and I went to go say hi to them. We hugged, haha. Then I think Chrispy said something about my height but I rly wasn't paying attentionnn. Then we talked to some other kids about waiting outside for other concerts. Hahah.

We got in, they played some DJ music. It was weird. We had pretty alright spots, and there was hardly anyone in there! Oh, we saw Jay [from Comasoft] later, too. He didn’t hear me when I said hi, though. Hahah.

ML opened with… Never Walk Alone, right? I don’t even remember, my mind is still spinning, hahah. They played some old stuff too… Adalia, Here I Stand, One Last Kiss, Me VS. the World.

Me VS. the World was the last song, and Nathan was like, “Alright guys, we’re gonna play this song, then I’m gonna go upstairs and change my ~panties~, and we’re gonna come down and have a beer and hang out.”

And I was like, “Linzy, we are NOT leaving until we meet them.”

And so we did. (:

We walked up the stairs, and Linzy wanted to look at the merch, so we did. She was looking, I turned around, saw Matthew coming out, and DRAGGED her, and was like, “alright, come on. I have a good grip on you, you can’t back out now.” (‘:

He was talking to some other dude first, and after he finished, I was like, “Hey Matthew, this is my friend Linzy, and she’s been waiting to meet you for a long time and she’s really nervous and probably gonna start crying soon so I’m gonna talk for her!” And he smiled and was all, “Hey! I’m sorry for what I do or do not smell like.” And they were all ~hugs~ and stuff. (: She gave him the Matthew Penguin! Hahah. They hugged twice. (: We both got pictures with him. They’re adorable. Oh, I also had the mother of all anxiety attacks. Fun junk!

Then we saw Nathan, after Matthew... He was wearing the headband, so I was like, “Good thing you have that, dude, I was just about to drill you for not having it!” And he said, “Yeah, I have it now! My cat dragged it under my desk and I didn’t find it until I moved, which I just did.”

And we were all lol, YES. And Linzy gave him the stuffed seal and he was like, “I love dolphins!” And she was like, “That’s a seal…” And he’s all, “OH. Well, uh, just saying. I love dolphins anyway.”

And more p33ktures.

Then Mateo came out of nowhere, yayyy! We talked to him, and told him how awesome he played and stuff, and Linzy was like…

L: “Are you a serial killer?”
M: “Am I a serial killer? 8D”
J: “Yeah, we were talking to your merch girls once, and THINGS came up.”
M: “We had merch girls? Ummm…”
J: “Maybe they were spies or something, I dunno, dude.”
L: “If I had to die, I’d totally choose you to kill me.”
M: “Nahhh. I could hardly hurt a flower.”

Bahahah, best friend. :]

Then we got a pic of him and Linzy then had to leave.

We got coca-cola afterwards. Go find the pics, I spammed them round the site.

I miss them already THEM MUHDEENUH LAYKE BOYS. 203854 I forgot to tell matthew i was from MLC (#4 ON THEIR TOP FRIENDS BITCHESSSS) anddd yeah. he sent us a few comments on like may 3 i nevber checked. boo.
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