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Post by LADIES AND GENTLEMEN on Sat 16 May 2009, 7:46 pm

Do you know what a 'chokey' is?

Small, dark and seclued, its insides are thick with nails and broken glass. It's cold and dank, it's lonely, it's terrifying, it's suffocating.

It feels like I have a chokey inside of me.

I wish I could give you x-ray glasses so you could see inside to the you-shaped hole. This is waking up after the operation to the doctors' worried faces, the bland, pitying (pitiful) nurses. This is the 'I'm afraid there was a complication.'

My heartbeat is insistent and insane and it whirrs like an engine with a broken cog and I wonder what part I'll need to finally fix it.

With my luck it'll be out of production.

It feels like we've been poisoned. You took the blow, but I'm the one struggling to make it out alive.

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