Youtube and Backpains.

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Youtube and Backpains. Empty Youtube and Backpains.

Post by Heartswell. on Wed 20 May 2009, 12:37 pm

I'm a bit pissed and I'll let you know why you have pleased him
Youtube is as ignorant as Myspazz and every other site with billions of stupid people registering. I'm not slandering anyone, but the stupid ones gtfo over yourself,

The reason for me being pissed of is:
1) I have my period.
2) On youtube, I commented on a video concerning Islam. One person said that Islam is a hazard and said that Muslims are evil and blah blah blah and all that lovely talk. I replied saying the opposite and nothing more. Nothing offensive whatsoever. Cool? Nooo. I was very respectful about it but s/he had to go and be like:
Islam is the fucking hazard and blah blah blah. To get respect show some repsect, you bitch.

Very lovely, eh? Tell me to ignore it, but I find it highly ironic that someone tells me to show some respect -while I /was/ respectful- and be disrespectful themselves.
Oh, and he's 28. Should know better you think gtfo over yourself,

But what /really/ pisses me off are those 'Muslims' that slander people like that and sound completely stupid. T_T Okay, if you want to argue with someone don't just post stuff without no reason like 'zomgzz u stupid lil racist shit urrr pissin me off'

And that was a rephrasing of an actual quote. I'm not pissed because I'm offended, I'm pissed because of the hypocrisy of that statement.

Also, my back hurts and I feel like I need to hit something T_T
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Youtube and Backpains. Empty Re: Youtube and Backpains.

Post by Jack Skellington on Wed 20 May 2009, 6:12 pm

-loves- People are ignorant. Plus, these people are probably real life losers, so they're putting out their anger on Myspazz and YouTube. -loves-
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