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Post by tea-boy. on Sun 24 May 2009, 7:47 pm

Every time, I tear up. Because I remember when that was you and I.
And I remember the black and blue rims and the feathered minds that would carry us away and the bleached blood that would sing until it clanged inside of the vessels.
I remember when I smiled with you when I was crying moments before.
I remember being under the street light and just knowing you were somewhere, happy, made the light seem a little less harsh.
I remember the quiet smiles that radiated for miles.
I remember you and I. But now there is no you, it's just me. Just me.
And I'm so sorry that things turned out like this because, even though I didn't cause this, I'm sorry for myself, you, and the future that once laid sparkling and paved with hope in front of us.

Listening to love songs is pointless when you don't have a heart.

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