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Post by the hour robert realizes. on Mon 25 May 2009, 5:55 am

I'd just love the feel of you're lips
against mine.
one last time.
It's not like it would happen.
But a youngue boy can dream can't he?

I'd just love to love you, and for you to love me back.
I want you're skin to meet mine.
you're lips looking so fine,
i crave you.

You're beauty haunts me.
That laugh of yours ,
I can't wait for you to come home.
to serenade me in your false mistaken immature love.
not you're love for me but my lust.
i know it's all gone to shit, but i don't care.
i'll take anything love.

You wont understand this dear.
Your voice still sweet and soft in my ear.
Your touch, you just sit there waiting for a
for a reply, a feeling, but you can't find anything

but thats fine.
i know where your coming from.
It's still haunting me.
you wont ever understand.
neither will anyone.

but you're my savior.
and i love that, and everything about you.
the hour robert realizes.
the hour robert realizes.
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