Ok so here's how it is...

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Ok so here's how it is... Empty Ok so here's how it is...

Post by Broken. on Mon 25 May 2009, 7:48 pm

ok so heres how it is i have a feeling that my friends hate me or at least don't like me as much as i thought. so one of my friends from high school we've been friends since year 1 in primary school and like every time i talk at least try to talk to him on msn he doesn't answer back or he goes offline and he was a total A hole to me when i left high school last year he bitched about me behind my back with this 'new friend' of his and they were being heaps rude to me he wouldn't talk to me he didn't hang out with me and one time he just randomly came up with 'her' and said 'NO' then walked off laughing which was like WTF and now he's mixing with a 'new group of 'friends' which are total A wholes as well i mean they're not mean to me but you can tell it's all artificial crap they say. they all think they're so good and above everyone else and yea he thinks he's one of them 'she' isn't even in that group cause he follows crowds which is lame cause the way i see him is this small little dog on the street that follows people to get attention i mean he's not a bad person really just when he started mingling with this group he like totally dissed me cause i think he didn't want to 'come out' of the closet when the whole school new that i was i dunno...i don't hate him i just wish that he would be himself...
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