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Post by Broken. on Mon 25 May 2009, 8:08 pm

okay so i wanna move out right, main reasons is cause well i guess you could say i'm the type of person that can't stay in one place too long thats why i quite frequently go out etc also like i like to travel to different places tho it may not be overseas or anything it's still a travel you know? an adventure is what it's like to me getting use to a new neighborhood area people place etc and i don't like to be alone when i'm at home hence the going out thing. i need to talk, to be with people even if i don't talk i need the company and assurance around me. like say right now my bro's friends are over playing games i don't talk to them but it's kool having company around ya know. so i'm not sure if you've picked up from this at all but when i'm not with her i feel extremely lonely and depressed most of the time cause i feel i'm going to lose her if i don't have her with me in my arms so yea...i am honestly a really clingy person i don't know if i may seem it or not but i am. also the distance thing is another reason why i wanna move out i want to at least move a little closer at least 30 min away instead of an hour. i wish i could be with her have no idea...
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