Omg Allergies.

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Omg Allergies. Empty Omg Allergies.

Post by Adrisole Q. Kazoo on Tue 02 Jun 2009, 9:26 am

Hi guys I'm sick. Hahah.

Idk, journal time! It's been awhile.

I'm graduating next week Tuesday. -Fistpump- I'm making scrapbooks for 4 of my ~close friends, so yeah. My room is messy, haha. I'm gonna miss the people, I guess, but not the school.

The Jonas show is nearing. Sorta. July 10. If I don't find out my M&G results soon I will have to, like, hyperventilate. asgfdh;.

-Clears throat- >.< Hate hate hate allergies.
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