As I'm listening to Lines Vines & Trying Times...

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As I'm listening to Lines Vines & Trying Times... Empty As I'm listening to Lines Vines & Trying Times...

Post by Adrisole Q. Kazoo on Tue 16 Jun 2009, 11:01 pm

I'm randomly commenting on it, haha.

1. World War III It's actually a really good album opener, very high energy. Nick says wit'chu and it makes me lol, a lot. I don't even know guys, haha. I just know I like this. (:

2. Paranoid Probably gonna end up being my favorite song off the whole CD. Good and light and airy sounding, I don't know how to describe it but it's really very nice, especially without the radio edit.

3. Fly with Me Another favorite off here so far, it was in Night at the Museum 2 and I normally don't like songs that are from movies but I really do like this. It's really pretty, and where my signature is from.

4. Poison Ivy I don't like this as much. I dunno, the beat is really good, but the beginning has really awkward sounding lyrics. It doesn't flow right, metaphorially, imo.

5. Hey Baby Love this. (: Nice trumpets and horns. Really catchy, nice lyrics, and you can actually H-- OMG Nick said wit'chu again hahahah. Dead. Anyway, you can actually hear Joe's parts in this, it's really good.

6. Before the Storm, feat. Miley Cyrus Skeptical since it was featuring Miley, but... it's really, really nice. Their voices (Nick and Miley) mesh really nicely together here. Sounds more like Miley's music than JB's, though.

7. What Did I Do to Your Heart Lol, more country-sounding. Joe sings this time, mostly. Not much a fan of this one, but still good.

8. Much Better K before this starts, I really hope it's good. -Waits- I like the beginning few seconds. It's about Taylor and Camilla, so, yeah. It's like, serious burn, but yeah. I like this one, I think. Really interesting vocals.

9. Black Keys First song Nick ever wrote on all the black keys of a piano. K, now this one's also another good one. 'The black keys never seemed so beautiful.' uhadfijkdc Idk, I like this one. Sounds like something from back in the days of the second album.

10. Don't Charge me for the Crime, feat. Common ...Interesting. Hahah. If the guitar was a little less dramatic, and Common was a little less dramatic, I'd really like it. Haha. And 'Don't Charge me for the Crime' sounds weird. It's like, another word should replace 'Charge'. Idk. It's really interesting, though. LOL 'I start to freak and scream so loud, Just like the females in the crowd.'

11. Turn Right I like the beginning. Um, k I'm starting to think there are too many slow songs on this cd, but yeah. Sweet song. Idk why but it reminds me of WYLMITE, except more mature, idk

12. Don't Speak Slightly faster. It's a really nice sound, again, light and airy sounding. Another favorite.

13. (Bonus Track) Keep it Real Lol, fun. idk. It's from Jonas.


...July 10 nawwww
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