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This is a journal entry. Empty This is a journal entry.

Post by Who we are. on Mon 29 Jun 2009, 2:43 pm

I dont really have much to say on here anymore.
Everything is just... always the same.
Im stuck in a rut.
A hole.
A fucked up place that i just want to get out of so bad but i just cant, believe me.
I have tried.
He, made me realise this. Fuck. I didnt want to even hear his name ever again. But ofcourse you wouldnt let that happen, you always had to be there. Messing everything up for me.
Telling me how mcuh you have moved on, and how everything is so fucking perfect. You got what i needed. You took everything from me.
While im in exactly the same place.
Even jsut thinking about that little conversation pisses me off so mcuh. I never expected you to do this.
I wish you would feel even a little bit of empathy.
Who we are.
Who we are.
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