July 10, 2009.

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Post by Adrisole Q. Kazoo on Sun 12 Jul 2009, 2:19 am

So, while I’m waiting for pictures to upload, might as well tell the story, ahaha.

Got there around, uh, 6:30? Show started at 7:30. There were a tontontonton of people there. And I mean it was packed, the parking lot itself. So we went straight to the bus first, and signed it and stuff. We spent like half an hour there, lmao. Signing various thiiings and taping my sign on.

Then we got in line and sang to tracks people played out of their cars. We did bad karaoke of Paranoid (purposely) and at 7:05 this girl was like, “EVERYONE! YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS? 7:05!”

I was like, “OMG, YES.”

She’s like, “WE SHOULD SING IT!”

And we attempted, lmaooo.

Lyla was like, "I'M GOING TO CRY. ;_;"
And I just said, "AT LEAST I WON'T BE ALONE THIS TIME. ;_;" hahah.

We finally got in, everything was good. Our seats were too, but we kiiinda snuck down a few more rows to the aisles and stood there for awhile.

The schedule was screwed up that night, so Honor Society was first. We were watching them, and suddenly the girls in front of us were like, “Is that Garbo?” And we look over, and sure enough, there’s Garbo, in the flesh. (: We call him over, took a few times, and he came over and said hi. We took pictures of him holding a sign, haha. He’s so nice.

Then, a few minutes later, the same girls are like, “Is that Papa Jonas?!” And, again, there he is! We call him over, and he smiles and says hi back and waves. He’s really nice too. Frankie looks just like him, Nick has his eyes.

Then we did the Honor Roll in limited room, haha. It was great. THEN everyone noticed Garbo and Mr. Jonas were there. We knew first. Haha.

Then Wonder Girls did a song next, Nobody. Haha they walked by us too. They’re terribly catchy and they had pink shimmery dresses. xD

Then it was Jordin. She also walked by us. Catching my drift, here? We were near backstage, lmao. So she went on and started with One Step at a Time, finished with No Air.

Then it was like, whoa, are they really next? It didn’t seem like it at all, I’m used to long setlists.

Anyway, they got everything ready. And then the lights dimmed and the screaming was SO loud. Like, makes your ears feel like defective speakers loud. So loud you can't take in all the loud and it's just a fuzz.

Then you heard the intro to Paranoid and they used the same thing as last time, the rising up from the stage and roijkfldsmk. They had a rotating stage too, it was amazing. And I think Kevin was the first to come down our catwalk.

Then after that, I think they did That’s Just the Way We Roll, but I’m not sure. Iojrefdlkn It was amazing. Like, I kind of just stopped thinking, haha.

Then during Live to Party, the other side of the audience got the fire extinguishers. Ugh, I was mad, haha. I didn’t get it last year or this year, dammit! But, yeah, it was funny. Then to us, they were like, “don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you either!”

Then, oh god, during Lovebug Kevin came out with this long coat [LOLable] and he had an umbrella and stood on our catwalk and a rain mist came down. It was SO cool. Then he walked away and Lovebug started, then during the end of it they all just came down under the rain and it started making these patterns and stuff, like a spring. Oh god it was SO awesome.

Yeah, and… yeah. It ended so fast. But I have a ton of videos and pics and I’ll update this later with the links.

they're also in town today for another show; i miss them already. naww, diddums. Some girls from Team Jonas met them outside their hotel, so... yeahhh.
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July 10, 2009. Empty Re: July 10, 2009.

Post by Jack Skellington on Tue 14 Jul 2009, 2:19 am

you have pleased him
It sounds amazing. a> -loves- glad you had fun.

And thank you for still not telling Lyla. xD I'm such a bad friend.
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