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Julia Lawrinson

Post by Who we are. on Thu 23 Jul 2009, 3:40 pm

I thought i would just make a thread about all her work since they are all pretty amazing.
I especially wanted to make a thread about two book in particuar of hers.

The first being Obsession.
About Obsession
Charlie is fifteen. She's just moved to a new school and nothing is going right. She's hanging around with a girl she can't stand, her mother is a grief-stricken, wine-sodden mess, and she has no one to talk to except the pages of her diary. Everything seems hopeless. And then she meets Kate.


Skating the Edge
About Skating the Edge
When Caitlin finds herself in Bayview Adolescent Psychiatric Hospital, she wonders if she's finally found home. With Jay, Charlie, Libby and the beautiful Anna, she feels as if she belongs. But she doesn't realise until it's too late that there is more to some of her fellow residents than meets the eye.

These two books are my faves by far, i dont think there is another Australian, or otherwise, author that can top these.
I would recrecommend these books to anyone. They have just help me out so much.

Anyone else read these or any of Julias other books?
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