Chiptune Alliance Tour 2009 September 27th

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Chiptune Alliance Tour 2009 September 27th Empty Chiptune Alliance Tour 2009 September 27th

Post by LightningRod on Mon 28 Sep 2009, 4:58 pm

tis I, maker of few journals and rare poster nowadays Aaron pedo y/y?

And this here is a journal entry about yesterday's Chiptune Alliance tour which went on down at Bournemouth in the good old venue of iBar you have pleased him

the 6 bands in question were: (In order of appearance) Dexter, Fighter X, Henry Homesweet, Amy Can Flyy, GoTo80 and Sabrepulse.

I think the best part of this was the fact that the rig was completely different for every band bar Amy Can Flyy. Rather than the setup of ~masses iof cables and guitars and the drum kit, they had a keyboard, something with many a dial and switches and...three GAMEBOYS set up :'D Twas Bloody excellent.

First up was Dexter who, for someone that looked about 13 years of age, did a great job of getting things started, although I thought he was mediocre at best. Fighter X comes along and being my favourite along with Sabrepulse I obviously thought he was sheer class, coming up onto stage, GameBoy Colour in his hand ready to lay down some serious tunes and he did not let me down i r pleased..

Henry Homesweet came along and mixed things up with a very bass-heavy set of tracks and a little touch onmy rump whence he was finished lol@chu

Amy Can Flyy's instruments were good, but the vocalist came on and made me cry, especially after blowing me and my friend a kiss NOT COOL.

GoTo80 threw things all over the shop when he came on with a Chiptune-Screemo sound going on, overly brutal compared to everyone else, serious 'Balls to the Walls' stuff coming from his rig that night.

Last but not least, Sabrepulse gets onto stage an hour after he was supposed to. And for 30 of his 60 minutes his rig was well and truly KNACKERED~, so he only managed to get a few songs in, although he did get my alltime favourite the Fourth Sequence.

So chyeah, that's it, go check them out at myspace (Search for Sabrepulse) pedo y/y?.
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