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Post by Sonny Moore. on Thu 08 Oct 2009, 2:27 am

As you may or may not know, the ex-front man of From First To Last left 3 years ago this upcoming February. He started his own solo project by the name, Sonny.
His new sound is more of an "electro" sound, as that has been the sort of music he has been listening to his whole life, and most of the electro-bands, have influenced his life.
His songs include, Mora, which is one of his most popular songs, along with Copaface, Gypsyhook, Glow Worm, Cusp and many more.
He has released one EP so far, called "Gypsyhook EP", which included up to 8 tracks.
Mora, Gypsyhook, Copaface2, Mora VS. Toxic Avenger, Mora VS. Lazrtag, Gypsyhook VS. Demon Days, Copaface2 VS. Dan Sena and last - but not least - Kai Sui, the Japanese version of, Mora.
He has another EP coming out soon - or so is said from a blog on his myspace here - and in the previous link, there is his album "Bells" expected to be released next spring. You could say I am excited! i r pleased.
He also has a side project where he goes by his alter-ego, Skrillex. Here is where he puts most of his dance music and remixes.
I personally, think his music is inspiring and absolutely beautiful. nawwww
His songs have a beautiful meaning behind them, even if they are sad, the lyrics are just so wonderful.
Any other fans? Or even if you check out his myspace and leave what you think about his music. you have pleased him
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