i'm beating rita to THIS. cobra starship 101809!

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i'm beating rita to THIS. cobra starship 101809! Empty i'm beating rita to THIS. cobra starship 101809!

Post by Adrisole Q. Kazoo on Tue 20 Oct 2009, 9:41 am

So, 10/18/09 was Boys Like Girls, Cobra Starship, The Maine, A Rocket to the Moon, and Versaemerge at The Riviera.

Thanks to Rita and her epicness, we had meet and greet for Cobra, which is pretty much the highlight of everything.

We got there at around 3, or a little earlier? I don’t remember. But we waited in the m&g line with a ton of other confused people, haha. It was /freezing/. We were being totally wimpy but it was pretty chilly.

We did various things to ATTEMPT to entertain ourselves, which included:
- buying a CD from a band that was promoting outside
- random camming!
- talking to other random people
…and stuff like that, lolol.

So they finally let us in around 4. So happy, cause it was warm in there, yay. We started talking to these two girls who were awesome and kept ourselves occupied. c:

We get in and make the line thing. The m&g is on the general admission floor. We see them come out, and it’s like ‘………….whoa, it’s them.’ Haha. So we’re just waiting, and then Martin and Bryan walk out on the stage, cause the BLG m&g had just finished. Martin kinda waved and walked off, but Bryan stayed.

He had cookies, hahah, so some girl was like, “are they good?”

And he said, “Hm, I dunno, I haven’t had them yet. Just got ‘em.”

So he’s just standing there for two minutes holding a box of cookies, ahaha.

Then our turn for Cobra comes up. R33tuh hugs Gabe first, then starts talking to… Alex, right? Or Ryland. (By the way, Gabe, Alex, and Ryland all approve of Rita’s hair.)

But Rita gave Gabe his birthday present! Rita, you post your conversation, cause you remember it more than I do. (:

Then I went up to Gabe, cause he was first in line.

G: Hi, I’m Gabe.
J: Hi, I’m Jenna, nice to meet you… uh, I made you something. I remember this from your blog post awhile ago. c: -Hands purple crayon-
G: …A purple crayon. [/confused]
J: No, it says Cobra Purple on it.
G: …No way! -Looks for- You rule!

And I got a hug. :3

So, m&g was like 10 seconds, but epic nonetheless. Only got to talk to Gabey bby, and quickly said hi to everyone else.

So we got good spots on the raised up platform thing. We saw Versaemerge from there, and they were pretty good. They reminded us of various musicians. :p

Then people started pushing for some stupid reason. Yes. On a raised platform there was moshing. So I was like, eh, not today. And I slid under the barrier thing, lol. Watched A Rocket to the Moon from there, they were good. Found Nick’s guitar pick later in the night.

Then it was The Maine. Pretty good, though I didn’t know a lot of their songs. I just remember they closed with Everything I Ask For.

THEN IT WAS COBRA. Okay, by then I was like HEY RITA HEY RITA IT’S COBRA STARSHIP. Like, legit fangirling. I was embarrassing myself. Anyway, this is what I can remember from the setlist. I’m sure I’m forgetting a few, but eh. This is in somewhat of an order.

The City is at War (Opening song)
Pete Wentz –
Snakes on a Plane
Hollaback Boy
Nice Guys Finish Last
Smile for the Paparazzi
Hot Mess
Guilty Pleasure
Good Girls Go Bad

Yeah, basically nothing off of Viva la Cobra, which was kinda disappointing. I personally wanted ODRWC, but, eh. Promoting the new CD and such.

After they were done, we waited around for BLG.

They opened with Love Drunk, and closed with Thunder. Didn’t play The Great Escape; surprised, but not disappointed. Never liked that song. :p

But yeah, the night ended with me singing Thunder as we’re walking out and buying merch lolol, and then laughing insanely at the sign that read ‘SHORT STACK – THREE PANCAKES’. Mikey, I THOUGHT OF YOU.

So, yes. Epic night.
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i'm beating rita to THIS. cobra starship 101809! Empty Re: i'm beating rita to THIS. cobra starship 101809!

Post by Jack Skellington on Tue 20 Oct 2009, 5:42 pm

you have pleased him

cuz I did.
Jack Skellington
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