i feel like watching disney movies.

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i feel like watching disney movies. Empty i feel like watching disney movies.

Post by rolo on Fri 06 Nov 2009, 1:33 am

i just watched yu-gi-oh!: the movie, now i wanna watch disney.

and they are completely different things. i know. but THIS made everything tie together.

i have lady & the tramp (omg faaaave) on DVD, along with peter pan, but that's it. ;; i don't even have the nightmare before christmas. and that's my other favorite. i keep telling my mom to get netflix again (i don't know why we stopped) so i can just rent every disney movie out there.

EVERY DISNEY MOVIE BUT THE LION KING. i've been looking for a year now. can't find that shit anywhere.

so i guess i'll just watch degrassi and my magic collection of tim burton movies minus the nightmare before christmas.

oh so during this phase i'm going through, i spent thirty minutes today looking for my old yu-gi-oh cards. and now i want a duel-disk.

this thing. i wanted one in like... third or fourth grade, now i want it for the sake of cosplaying. i wanna cosplay as this kid because he is just... so cute. ;~; and i think i'll be able to spike my hair like that if i try. ugh i need a fuckin job to pay for all this garbage.

so kids. what's your favorite disney movie ? have any embarrassing secret loves, like me and yu-gi-oh! ? and where can i find a good job that won't stress me out or keep me behind on therapy + schoolwork ?

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