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Post by tea-boy. on Wed 18 Nov 2009, 5:25 am

Today is a day.
Today is a day to mourn.
To mourn not only those whose skin is cold,
But to mourn those who are very much alive.
Maybe be even more importantly than those who are dead.
It is far sadder a tale of those with boiling blood,
Those whose minds are wrapped thick
With the vines of inner and outer demons.
Those whose hearts beat and hands shake and frames collapse.

Tonight is a night.
Tonight is a night to mourn.
Tonight is a night to mourn both kinds of dead.
We weep with salty eyes for those who lie beneath a marble nightmare.
But, perhaps, we should mourn more for those watching.
Mourn more for those who are the living dead in a way of their own.
We cry, tears splashing onto epitaphs.
But, what if this precipitation was dropped upon skin that felt?
What if the arms we cloak ourselves with were wrapped around another?
Volatile in every way, thoughts unraveling under the pale moonlight.
Clammy hands weaving though hair.
Wide eyes looking past everything.
Silent cries lost to the night.

Today is a day.
Today is a day to help.
Yes, we shall still feel the grief of passing.
But also the grief of those who live.
Should we not focus our grief on helping?
To help one who still has a pulse not take it away.
To help one walk who has fallen.
To help one who cries smile.
To help one that bleeds heal their wounds.
To help one who sees mirrors as law see beauty in themselves.
To help one who is hurt, enraged, depressed, isolated, abused, addicted.
To help those with demons of every kind.

Because today is a day of mourning.
But more importantly a day of life.

So mourn the living and mourn the dead.
But lifted we will be, those who mourn will see a hand.
The question is: will you be reaching out?

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