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Others. Empty Others.

Post by tea-boy. on Sun 29 Nov 2009, 11:19 am

With some people, as bad as it sounds, I honestly don't care. But there are others, others who are broken, and will break me in a misconstrued attempt to make themselves whole. There are others who are shooting stars and morning glories and warm winter fires and loud laughter and beautiful symphonies and pieces of me. There are others who compile my DNA, they have molded themselves into my skin and eyes and hair and body. There are others that have grown as vines around my heart, intertwined with my soul and being. There are others who walk a path of misguided self destruction labeled as a road of solace. And the others, they will leave far too early, like the autumn leaves that beg to stay another day before winter sweeps them away. And when they leave, and they all will eventually, I will be lost. I've dreamt of it before, falling through space or walking through a cloudless abyss, lost and empty. I need these others more than I care to admit, and I am nothing without them. Just an empty vessel. Truth be told, I hardly think I am anything without these others, for one is compiled from the people they love and the lives they appear in and the promises they make and the love they vow and the friendship they cherish. And each time one of them stumbles, I wish so badly to catch them, but they fall right through my arms, and hurts, it stings. It is an open wound and I am covered with them, but thereís nothing I can do. One by one these others will fall and I should hardly think I will come out on the other side. When the smoke lifts, I will be nothing but a bag of cells. There will be nothing left to me because the others have it all, I gave it all to them. And I donít regret it for a second because all of the wounds and sadness are worth these others in my life. And Jesus, I donít even know what Iím saying anymore, but I just want my others to be okay more than anything in the world. Itís the only think I wish for on 11:11, a shooting star, or a fallen eyelash. Is just for my others to be okay, to be happy, and to find some sort of peace with life and their demons. Because I love them more than anyone has love anything, beyond words or metaphors or time or distance or troubles or hurt or life or death. It is love concentrated into its purest form and it runs through my nerves, my veins, my lungs, my heart, my being every second of every ay and will for all of eternity. And Iíll shut up now because my nonsensical babble has rambled on long enough and Iím not even sure what Iím trying to say. But just, yeah.

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