"but i want you to know that you are so much more than you think you are."

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"but i want you to know that you are so much more than you think you are." Empty "but i want you to know that you are so much more than you think you are."

Post by Adrisole Q. Kazoo on Tue 19 Jan 2010, 8:10 am

Yesterday was Diane Birch & Nick Jonas and the Administration @ Rosemont Theatre.

Yeah, basically, the best part was waiting outside in the afternoon for two hours waiting for Nick.

Me and my friends got there around 3. I first met one of my online friends from their fansite.

It was seriously FREEZING. In that time span of two hours, we found random things to keep us occupied… like Almasa writing her twitter/number on her rose bouquet, me texting Myke and telling him he had a clone that was a fan of Nick Jonas, and yelling at people for chanting stuff.

At around 4:45, we all started freaking out because a second bus (the first turned out not to be him) was coming down the road and turned into the lot. It pulled right by us, and the police moved some people to clear the barricades so the bus could pull in.

By the way, bus drivers like that have serious skill. I could NOT back buses into lots like that.

Anyways. Pulled right by us. A security guard came by and told us to be quiet, and started saying, “He’s probably gonna come out.” And then stupid girls started screaming and half of us were like SHUT UP!

And he told us just to wait our turn cause he would come around the barricades (the line was shaped like an L).

So we were waiting for him, and probably 5 minutes later, he finally came from behind the bus. People started screaming and, again, everyone else was like SHUT. UP!

He started on the side that wasn’t our side. He was so nice about it; took pictures with people, waited to see if they came out good, and then moved on. Then, he got to the end of the first side of the L, and he stopped.

First he made this SHHHH face, with the finger over the mouth and everything, it was adorable. He was like, “Okay, guys, I have to go in for soundcheck, but before that, I’m gonna play you a few songs.”

So him and Sonny got some acoustic guitars outta nowhere and he first played Rose Garden, then Who I Am.

Okay, let me tell you, do you know that little yeah-yeah! things he does with his voice? Okay. Okay. Hearing that in real life with no microphone is just INCREDIBLE. That is the ONLY thing of that day to make me completely fangirl over him. It’s hilarious.

Then Almasa gave the security guard (they were really nice, btw) her bouquet of roses and told him to give them to Nick. He said he’d try. Then we were all happy and left.

We went to wait in the box office and met more awesome people in there. Devika and the others ordered pizza I guess, so they had that in the box office. xD

Then I asked Marina where her and Reem were, and they were like right outside the box office, so I was like YAY GUYS LET’S GO SEE THEM. And we did.

They were in her car, so we went to go see her and I was like YAY :D So happy to meet them and all the other FFE girls. Completely made my day!

Okay, after all that, we ran between the box office and main entrance a few times, and met a lot of girls from out of state. Like, a few from California, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. Crazy stuff!

So they finally let us in, and we went to go get our merch and stuff. Saw some girls from my school.

After merch, we went to our seats. Diane Birch was alright, she wasn’t bad at all.

Oh god, once the lights went off for Nick J, the screams were back. See, for Jobros shows, the screams are seriously deafening. You know how when you play songs really loud and your speakers can’t play them right? Yeah, that’s how the screams sound.

Anyway, he opened with Rose Garden, I really like the full band version of it.

So much stuff happened inbetween, I have a lot of videos. He also played his version of Inseparable (…okay, I flipped when they played that, I’ve been waiting for years to hear that live) and Tonight (…really slow). He also had like a 4895420-song short cover medley, lolol. He played Fireflies, Use Somebody, You Belong With Me, and others that I forget. Lots lots lots.

Then he went offstage, and we figured he’d play an encore. Me and Danah’s plan was to go outside where we met him earlier and see if we’d catch him leaving.

We seriously RAN there in under a minute. Got first row at the barricade. We were waiting for ten minutes, and it was seriously freezing since the sun wasn’t out like it was in the afternoon. We had awesome people around us though, so it was fun. But freezing.

Pretty much exactly at 10, people started screaming REALLY loud, and, once again, we were all like SHUT UP!

And then he walked out a little bit, waved to us, and then started walking. Then some really stupid girls started pushing over the rope barricade on the other side of us and we all just looked at them like “…….oh wtf.” And that whole side pretty much pulled over the barricade. He just kept walking like nothing was happening, LOL. We left right after that since everyone was being so rude.

But it was SUCH an awesome night. Saw him in person twice outside, met with my FFE girls, and an awesome performance. Win.

oh, and we missed meeting selena gomez by 5 minutes.

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