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Post by Who we are. on Wed 27 Jan 2010, 4:45 pm

for some more jobs today.
Hopefully I'll get one.
Some of them I will be ecstatic if I get them.
One of them was working for the people who run TheGuide.com.au.
pedo y/y?
I think that would be alekrhgoaejigpsjggreat.
Other than that today has been boring to say the least.
I've been playing a lot more guitar lately. Learning more and more.
I love the drums like lots. AND I MEAN LOTS. LOTS LOTS LOTS OF LOVE, but I think I'm better at guitar. Which is saying something. I don't think I am all that good at anything, right?
I knew those lessons were not a waste!
I don't know. I play the drums right, am I allowed to change?
I'll still play the drums a lot like I play the guitar a lot now, it just wont be my "main" instrument anymore.
Now that I've kind of said it I feel really bad. I love my drums and the sounds they make.
I can't choose between them. naww, diddums.
I think I might put an add out.

Beginner guitarist looking to join a rock, rock/pop band.
Sound good?
I really need my music.
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Who we are.
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