While I was waiting for the bus...

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While I was waiting for the bus... Empty While I was waiting for the bus...

Post by Who we are. on Mon 08 Feb 2010, 6:55 pm

a man was walking in the distance, coming towards me.
The stop was in a back street in a very shady part of Rockingham, but that has nothing to do with what I'm going on about.
It's all about the man, he didn't look shady. He looked anything but.
He was still quite a distance away, and from that particular distance I swear it was YOU GUESSED IT Richard. Rolling Eyes
I literally started balling my eyes out in the middle of the crappy footpath next to a crappy bus sign. highlight of my day.
He got closer, maybe it was my blurry vision but he looked completely different and I was %100 sure it was in fact, not him.
I felt like a complete idiot. Imagine my embarrassment. Lucky as far as I know, nobody saw.
I still had a nagging feeling my eyes were wrong and decided to watch him walk closer and closer to me. I don't know if he saw me but I was glaring in his direction, I think I would have been obvious. Generally teen aged girls don't bore holes in old men walking down the street, especially shady ones.
He would have been less than 50meters away by now and again, it looked exactly like him and again I started to cry again.
then my bus came.
when he was 50meters away.
I was happy to get out of there but I really wanted to see if it was him. I doubt it. He lives near Fremantle with his wife. I doubt he would be walking down a shady back street in Rockingham at 6pm. If he was, then he was exactly the man I hoped he was. OMNOMNOM lols no.
I don't know the whole experience was just weird.
It seems I see Richards everywhere. It's actually starting to piss the off.
GTFO of my head plz.
Who we are.
Who we are.
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