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Encore! Empty Encore!

Post by rock and/or roll on Wed 14 Apr 2010, 9:17 pm

Note: This was written in iambic tetrameter.


Voices sound, a background hymn, spoken
to some hidden godly spirit.
Light crowds your vision, sharp angles
and ugly shapes so badly lit.

Memory may be a past life
for all you do recall. And your
back aches from the road, the flashy
enigmas you have to endure.

The bread tastes the same, made from the
same mangled mould; the bitter
sting of piss-coloured vitamin C.
Do you want to reconsider?

“ENCORE,” they cry loud into the space
you make your world; a little slice
of life you grant to all who wish,
if they pay the admission price.

Will they remember once the fat
lady’s said her piece? When that last sound
reaches the seats, programs littered,
trampled into the velvet ground,

When the blinds flicker down on your
pantomime? Photograph scenes bend
over time, recollections are
left to age and meet their sure end.
rock and/or roll
rock and/or roll
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