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c) Bloody Mary [PG-13]

Post by rolo on Mon 19 Apr 2010, 9:54 pm

Title: Bloody Mary

Rating: PG-13

Author: linzy.

Genre: romance, mystery, horror.

Fandom: Kuroshitsuji / Black Butler.

Pairing: SebastianxCiel.

Status: incomplete; in process of completion.

Summary/Exerpt: Somewhere, someone was making love. Somewhere, someone was dying. Somewhere, a demon was feasting.

The mansion echoes with tragedy. The walls themselves bear more scars than its master, one of high nobility. The master has tea four times a day, wakes up at nine each morning, and retires at ten each night. The master, of course, has to be kept in line with his schedule. The master has a butler that tends to his every need. This butler seems to be anything but human… and if there is one thing he isn’t, it is human.

Warnings: boyxboy, language, suggestive themes, violence, and other sensitive material.


Chapter 1: His butler, ghost stories.

Just like every morning, the butler saunters into the master’s room and spreads the curtains to reveal the sunlight, beaming into the darkness like a flame. “Young master,” he said as he walked to the side of the master’s bed. “It is time to begin your day. Your tea is prepared in the study this morning as you requested.” The butler leaned down to pull the covers, revealing his master, who was curled in a ball with his pillow over his head.

“Two minutes, Sebastian.” He said, his voice muffled by the thickness of the feathered pillow.

“I’m afraid that cannot be arranged, master,” Sebastian gave his master a rather devilish smile. “Your tea will get cold.”

Sebastian grabbed the pillow and put it to the side, revealing a scowling young boy. Earl Ciel Phantomhive, the head of the Funtom Toy Company and master of the Phantomhive mansion. His dark hair fell over his right eye, and his left was shining an icy blue that could paralyze. Sebastian looked down pitifully at Ciel. “Oh my, oh my. Wouldn’t it just be easier if you cooperated, young master?”

Ciel groaned and sat up in bed, never taking his eyes off Sebastian, who had retrieved an eye patch from Ciel’s dresser. “I thought it would be fun to give you a challenge.”

Sebastian placed the black patch over Ciel’s right eye and tied it around his head, looking down at his master thoughtfully, still smiling. He put his hand on Ciel’s head, petting it gently. “You’re rather cute. And your hair feels like a kitten’s fur.”

As a reflex, Ciel swatted Sebastian’s hand away. “None of that today,” he scoffed. “I’m in no mood.”

Sebastian stood and bowed graciously to his master. “Very well, my lord.”



Ciel’s fingers tightened around his tea cup as he heard a crash and a female voice down the hall. Sighing angrily, he put his cup down and picked up the newspaper. Sebastian’s voice could be heard outside the door with the woman who screamed.

“Mey-Rin, please be more careful. I will not always be around to clean up your mess, you know.”

Hearing Sebastian say that made Ciel cringe. Deep down, he knew that once Sebastian wasn’t around to clean up the maid’s mess, neither would he. It was almost as if they were tied together by rope- no, by chain.

“Sebastian,” Ciel called. “Come here.”

Almost immediately, Sebastian opened the door to the study and approached Ciel’s desk where he sat drinking his tea. “Yes, young master?”

“Read the front page to me.” Ciel demanded and handed over the folded London paper to Sebastian.

The butler quickly glanced through the first page. “Oh my. This is interesting.” Ciel took another sip of his tea. “Sara Wentsworth was found unconscious inside her home at seven PM by her husband. She was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. She woke today chanting ‘Bloody Mary’ repeatedly. Investigations are still underway.”

Somewhere in the article, perhaps at the mention of blood, Ciel had put his cup down. “Isn’t Bloody Mary that old ghost story that kids tell to scare each other?”

“I wouldn’t know, for I am not a kid. You are.” Sebastian flashed Ciel that unforgiving smile of his.

“Silence,” Ciel glared at his butler. “Tell me the story of Bloody Mary.”

Sebastian bowed before his master. “Yes, my lord.” He sat at the edge of Ciel’s desk casually; Ciel, as usual, thought nothing of Sebastian’s informality. “I believe Bloody Mary was your age when she died. She had fallen into a comatose state; nothing would wake her. Her parents pronounced her as deceased. They had her buried in a graveyard in their hometown of London,” the devil smiled again. “Yes, London: our own backyard. They attached a string to her wrist that followed up above her grave to a bell, so that if she may wake, the bell would ring and they would attempt to unearth her. They would have people taking shifts to monitor the graves.”

“’Grave sitters,’ am I right?”

“You are correct, master. It seems I’ve taught you well.”

Ciel chuckled. “Don’t flatter yourself.”

“Back to the story,” Sebastian leaned over to Ciel to fix a button on his shirt that for some reason he missed. “One morning, Mary’s father went to the graveya-“


“Sorry! Sorry! So sorry!”

The sudden disturbance outside the study startled Ciel. Sebastian looked away from the child, and to the door. “Shall I overlook this one?” He asked.

“Continue the tale.”

“Very well then. The father strolled the graveyard for a few minutes, and passed Mary’s grave once. When he came back for the second time, he noticed the bell was on the ground and immediately began to dig her grave up alone.”

“What? Where are the grave sitters?”

“Who knows? The story is vague; not everyone knows the details,” Sebastian looked at the books on the walls of the study surrounding them. “But the stories all end the same way. The father had dug up the grave, but he was too late; he found his daughter Mary in her wooden coffin, eyes wide, and soaked in blood. On the top of the coffin, he saw fingernails stuck in the wood. Poor Mary had tried to claw her way out! Her hands were so bloody that you couldn’t see the pale, dead skin underneath it, and-“

Ciel had to hold back from gagging. “Please, Sebastian, don’t describe any more. I get it, she was found dead. Now what does Bloody Mary have to do with this murder?”

“Who said it was a murder?” Sebastian asked with a grin. “It is said that if you stand in front of a mirror with a candle at midnight, spin around three times while saying ‘Bloody Mary,’ then she would appear. The one who summoned Mary would be able to speak to a deceased loved one until 12:01. Then, that loved one disappears and Mary takes her payment: your life. You are hospitalized for three days before you die, and when the third day comes, you hear a bell and meet your maker.”

Somewhere along the story, Ciel had pushed his tea away in disgust. “It’s just a myth… right?”

Sebastian shrugged. “Who knows? It could be a ghost story, or perhaps something more terrifying.”

Ciel gritted his teeth. “But you’re you,” he said. “You’re supposed to know everything.”

“Not quite, young master. I’m simply one hell of a butler.”

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