Learning is a lifetime.

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Learning is a lifetime.

Post by tea-boy. on Sun 02 May 2010, 1:09 am

A/N:Part of my poetry project for English.
We got bonus points for mentioning Tale of Two Cities.
Learning is the color of Rosewood,
the sound of small feet pattering like rain.
Learning is a carnival hotdog,
the warmth of mixed breathes in the February air.
Learning is the slow growth of the Lily,
in the grungy apartment of a twenty-something city boy.
Learning is the first of silver,
and the obituary of a childhood hero.
Learning is returning to walk past grungy apartment, greeting the shadows of the past,
as a small hand clasps and squeezes as her favorite curious monkey comes into sight.
Learning is the black and white reruns,
while she sighs over SAT Tuesdays.
Learning is the reading of a passage in A Tale Of Two Cities,
and the white of her dress matching his hair.
Learning is no longer being just parents, but the grandfather clock,
keeping a slower pace with two pairs of raindrop feet.
Learning is the slowing of breath,
and the final vision of growth at the feet of the bed.
Learning is the color of rosewood,
and the sound of tears mixing with rain.
Learning is the cycle of repetition,
like the budding Lily whose petals half cover a loving but mossy epitaph.

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