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Post by rock and/or roll on Mon 28 Jun 2010, 3:11 pm

Was listening to Klaus Nomi's cover of I Feel Love when I wrote this, hence the title.

I Feel Love

She thinks satin and feathers and old cologne.
She smells coffee and eclairs and mushroom soup.
But what's more, she sees dancing, a salsa, a
mambo, a tweak of the lips that says, 'Come
on over, there's room for two but only two.'

He thinks lines and experience and spirit.
He smells dental floss and cream buns and steak pie.
But he sees reluctance to RSVP
that suggests, 'I've been burned once before, but I'm
willing to risk it if the fire is magical.'

She thinks dancing, he thinks romancing. They smell
the nearby factory as they awake in
her flat, small and tidy but not too shabby.
They see each other's body printed into the sheets
and hear each other's sighs as the world wakes around them.
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