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Title: Infinity

Rating: PG-13

Author: myself.

Genre: adventure, mystery.

Fandom: Kuroshitsuji / Black Butler.

Pairing: SebastianxCiel.

Status: incomplete; active.

Summary/Exerpt: Ciel Phantomhive is ten years old and trapped in a mysterious world ruled by a demon named Sebastian.

In order to get back home to find his parents after his mansion caught fire, Ciel must explore infinity rooms. Each room is different, and some are very dangerous. Along the way, Ciel meets new friends, and discovers that he was in more danger than before when Sebastian's true intentions are revealed.

Warnings: boyxboy, mild language, violence.


The World Under the Garden

Ciel panted as he ran, chasing his best friend, a four-legged greyhound by the name of Sebastian, through the courtyard and into his mother's garden. Ciel coughed into his sleeve. He was testing himself; a few days ago, he had been diagnosed with asthma, just like his mother. He was informed that the disease is incurable, and he would die.

That morning, he took Sebastian outside for a run to push his limits. As he bent over, panting, he heard a rustling behind him. He turned and found Sebastian digging into his mother's garden. "Sebastian!" he cried, "that's bad. Stop"

Ciel collapsed, coughing until his eyes blurred and he blacked out.

When he woke up about an hour later, he found himself tucked away in his room with Sebastian sleeping at his feet. "Mother?" He called out. He sniffed the air and coughed. Under the door, smoke infiltrated his room. As Ciel sat up in bed, Sebastian barked loudly at the door. Ciel shushed the beast and reached a hand to touch the doorknob only to be burned by the metal. It became obvious that there was a fire, and he would be trapped if he didn't find a way out.

The smoke was beginning to make Ciel cough harder, and the boy forcefully opened the door and screaming as the doorknob left a burn on his palm. He and Sebastian sprinted from the room and down the stairs to the main hall. Sebastian sped ahead and pushed the door open with his strong front legs. Ciel muttered a 'thank you' to the dog before running out into the garden.

Ciel watched as his house burned into framework. He sat in the garden, far enough from the house, for hours. He watched, and wiped a few fearful tears away. Then he heard a familiar rustling behind him, and Sebastian barked again. Sebastian had dug another hole. Only this one was a bit bigger, and much deeper. Ciel crawled over and could have sworn he saw light inside the ground. As the boy reached his hand in out of pure curiosity, the ground crumbled and he fell right through.

He watched as the silhouette of Sebastian and flames disappeared as he fell. Ciel suspected he had to have fallen for about five minutes until he hit the ground rather hard, grunting and wiping himself off, completely unaware of the trouble he had just come across.

"My, my," said a warm, inviting voice in the room, "aren't you small. It's no wonder you fell through that hole."

Ciel turned to see a man clad in black, kneeling by a fireplace and putting in another log of wood. He watched as the man gracefully stood straight and fixed his tailcoat, offering a hand to the poor boy. Ciel gratefully took that hand and was helped to his feet. "That's strange," he said. "The fire is going but it's freezing down here."

"Ah, that's only one of the mysteries in this world," said the man. "The other being where this world might be."

"The world under mother's garden?" Ciel asked.

"You may call it that," the man began, "but truly, this world has no location, nor does it have a name."

Ciel looked up curiously. "Do you have a name?"

The man sighed dramatically. "Alas, I do not."

The boy grimaced. "Everyone has a name. Can I give you a name?"

The man gave a sly grin. "Of course, you may."

Ciel thought for a moment. "What about Sebastian? Sebastian Michaelis?"

The man nodded. "That's a good name."

"I know," Ciel said with a childish smile. "It's my dog's name, too."

Sebastian suddenly frowned. "I detest dogs."

Ciel mimicked the expression. "But Sebastian is my best friend. We can be friends too, if you'd like." He then remembered his parents and the events going on above ground. "But I have to get back home. You see, my house is burning down, and I have to find my parents."

"There is a way out," Sebastian began, "but it might take some time."

"Okay. What should I do?"

"You're still young, are you sure you can handle it?" Sebastian asked.

"Of course I can. I'm only ten, but my father says I'm strong and one day I'll be as tall as he is."

Sebastian smirked. "In order to get out, you must go through all the rooms of my house." Ciel smiled, thinking it was an easy task but Sebastian shook his head. "This house is different than yours, I'm sure. This house has an infinite number of rooms."

"How big is infinite?" Ciel asked.

"Infinity is the largest number there is," replied Sebastian. "Infinity is bigger than any number you can think of."

Ciel's expression fell. "What kind of rooms are they?"

"They are all different. I can't keep track of them all, but surely you can find your way," explained Sebastian with a hint of satisfaction. Poor Ciel had no thought that he was being tricked.

"I have one more question," said Ciel. "Are you human?"

Sebastian thought for a moment, and then chuckled. For a moment, the man resembled a raven cornering its prey. "Oh, no, I'm certainly not a human."
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