(c) Black Thirteen [M]

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(c) Black Thirteen [M]

Post by tony stark on Fri 19 Sep 2008, 1:22 am

Title: Black Thirteen [Dark Tower Fan fiction]
Rating: M
Author: Me
Status: Chaptered, incomplete
Summary/Excerpt: Eddie Dean’s wife, Susannah has taken off with the mysterious Black Thirteen, leaving the rest of the Ka-tet stranded for a night in Calla Bryn Sturgis. But what will Roland do to comfort Eddie in his time of need?

Chapter One

Eddie sat on the edge of the bed; his head was resting in his hands. The room felt empty without her. Hell, his life felt empty; his wife had just been taken away from him by some bitch in her head. Anger, despair and hurt. Susannah hadn’t been gone all that long and he was already feeling the effects of her departure. The amount of casualties for the Calla hadn’t helped his low feelings. The guilt was driving him crazy. Especially the fact the kid, Benny Slightman, Jake’s friend had been in that number. Eddie half wanted to cry, then he heard his brother’s vice in his head. The dead eminent sage and junkie always told Eddie crying was for the weak, and it seemed Eddie still believed that at the worst of times.

A light rapping at the door drew Eddie from his dark thoughts, his heart skipped a beat. Leaping to his feet, Eddie hoped it was Susannah, though deep down he knew it couldn’t be, after all she’d taken off through doorway cave and wouldn’t be back until... Well, if she ever got back. Slowly, Eddie placed his hand on the highly polished door knob, he twisted it until it clicked then pulled the door open.

Eddie’s hope died when he saw Roland standing at the door, his scarred face dimly illuminated by the light in the hall.

“Evening Eddie.” He said curtly. “May I come in sai?”

Eddie nodded. “Sure Roland, you don’t have to ask.” He turned and walked back to the bed, the mattress sagged under his weight as he slumped onto the bed.

The old, scarred gunslinger stepped into the room and closed the door behind him. “I say thankya.” Eddie ignored the older man. Roland paused, taking in the sad silence before speaking again. “You’re a quiet one tonight gunslinger, it’s not like you.”

Eddie felt rage rise from within him. He had a quick temper, but it was never normally this fast. “How the hell am I meant to feel Roland? How the actual fuck can you have the fucking nerve to ask that?” He was shaking, his face red. “My fucking wife just took off because some bitch in her head thought it would be fun to get her pregnant with a God damn demon. How the fuck do you expect me to act?” He was trying hard not to shout and wake Jake and Pere Callahan.

“Easy Eddie, if ka wills you shall hold her again.”

“Fuck ka.” Eddie muttered. He fell silent, deep in thought. Roland watched his shoulders heaving slowly, irregularly. “You know what Roland?” he said breaking the silence.

“I don’t think you give two flying craps about Suze, or Jake or me, or even the people who died today. All you care about is your god damned tower. Nothing else. None of us. We could die and you wouldn’t care. All that matters is the tower...” He broke off, seeing Roland’s dry smile.

“Eddie, months ago you would have been right, but you, you and the others have made my heart grow.” He sat down on the bed beside Eddie and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. “I care about her, I care about you and Jake, I understand you wish to have her back. I wish I could give her to you, but for now sai, all I can do is comfort you.” Eddie felt his hand turn his head so he was facing Roland. He was shocked; not expecting what was about to occur.

Roland Deschain of Gilead gently pecked Eddie Dean on the lips, and his world changed for that night...

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