(c) You're in the Cash Cab! (PG)

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(c) You're in the Cash Cab! (PG)

Post by Adrisole Q. Kazoo on Tue 23 Sep 2008, 3:09 am

The original title is 'My Chemical Romance, You're in the Cash Cab!'
But I didn't want to make it excessively long, so it's shortened for that purpose. you have pleased him

Humor, obviously.
I didn't think it was that great, but feedback was good. xD
Written long ago.

Title: My Chemical Romance, You're in the Cash Cab!
Author: Adrisole Q. Kazoo
Rating: PG - Minor swearing.
Fandom: My Chemical Romance, lol.
Type: Oneshot.
Summary: What happens when My Chemical Romance gets trapped in the Cash Cab?
Will stupidity ensue?
Yes, yes it will.

- - -

My Chemical Romance is running away, and running fast. A flock of ‘fangirls,’ as they are most commonly referred to, are chasing them down the streets of New York after playing a lively concert.

Gerard: -Almost falls- Frank, move your damned short legs faster!

Frank: -Runs faster and almost trips, AGAIN- I… can’t do it!

Ray: -Rolls eyes- We now know... -pants- why they call you ‘Pansy.’

Frank: Shut the hell up! -Whine- That's a cliche in fanfiction!

No one dares to ask Frank how he's aware of that. Suddenly, the five men spot a cab pulling over. They quickly hail it and hop inside, the ‘fangirls’ intently scratching at the window. Bob shivers. Non-stalker fans, however, can be seen hundreds of feet away, shaking their heads in disappointment.

Frank: -Jumps into Bob’s arms- Get us out of heeere!

Bob: Ugh. Yeah, uhm, can we get to the airport?

Cab Driver: Manhattan?

Bob: Yeah. –The guys all nod in unison-

Suddenly, a bright array of lights blink at them from the top of the cab as the driver turns around.

Mikey: Did we win the lottery?

Ben Bailey: You guys are in the Cash—

The driver stops to stare and laugh.

Ben: Hey, it’s My Chemical Romance! My little niece loves you.

Mikey: -Shudder-

Gerard: Uh, yeah. We just had a brutal fa-- um, attack, and need to get there very soon.

Ben: Fan-what? Well, okay, guys. Do you wanna play?

Frank: -Before anyone else can speak- YES!

All the guys: FRANK!

Gerard: You fucker.

Frank: What?

Everyone shrugs and sighs. Ben begins driving.

Ben: Okay, guys, for $50.00; what four-member sixties group from New Jersey won four Tony Awards in 2006?

Frank: -Again, before anyone can answer- Hey, it’s us!

Mikey: ...–Megasigh-

Frank: What?

Gerard: We didn’t win four Tony Awards in 2006, moron! –Smacks Frank upside the head-

Frank: Ow. And, we should have.

Ray: Wow. We're not a four member, moron.

Frank: Bob doesn't count. He's from Chicago, duh.

Everyone, if you will, 'facepalms.'

Ben: Uhm, okay, guys, strike one! Watch out, two more of those and I gotta kick you out.

Guys: -Megasigh-

Ben: Okay, second question; what pastry was so immensely popular because it saved so much time in the kitchen, and were originally called ‘number cakes?’

Mikey: Popsicles!

Ray: Mikey!

Bob: I've lost all faith in mankind.

Mikey: What?

Ray: Popsicles aren’t a type of pastry, OR cake!

Mikey: But… popsicles are... so... great.

Gerard: How is this boy related to me?... This is why I went to college, Mikes.

Ben: Well, strike two! Next question… What was voted the MTV Summer Song back in 2005? Last question, we’re a block from your destination.

Gerard: Okay, guys, uhm…

Bob: Wasn’t it—

Frank: Maybe it was Taking Back Sunday. ‘Cute Without the ‘E’,’ you know. And Adam loves Gerard, biffles. -Chu-

Gerard: Shut up. You're jealous.

Bob: It was—

Ray: No, it was probably Panic at the Disco… but was their album even out?

Bob: Guys! I—

Gerard: Well, whatever. 'I Write Sins, Not Tragedies.'

Frank: -Sings- Haven’t you people ever heard of, closing the— -High pitched note-

Bob: NO, GUYS! It’s I’m Not O—

Ben: Eerr! Strike three, you’re out. It was one of your own; I’m Not Okay, I Promise!

Guys: -Unified- UGHH!

Gerard: Frank, you're a fucking moron.

Bob: Damn it, guys! That’s what I was trying to tell you!

Gerard: You should have just told us!

Ray: Yeah!

Mikey: Geez, speak up.

Frank: I hope this guilt is on your shoulders. –Prods Bob-

Bob: -Gets out of cab- You guys suck.

All the guys get out of the cab, only to be greeted by two dozen tired-looking fangirls. They begin running once more as they resume their block-away destination…

Once again, the Cash Cab does no good.

- - -

Ain't it lame? you have pleased him
Hope it was somewhat entertaining, anyway.

checked: shorty.
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