The Beautiful Monster and Maiden

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The Beautiful Monster and Maiden Empty The Beautiful Monster and Maiden

Post by adrisole martyr on Tue 23 Sep 2008, 9:49 am

The beautiful monster looked in the mirror
Today was the day he'd go to the theater
His heart beat fast
For his glance was cast
On a maiden beautiful so

He asked her 'Art thou so fair everyday?'
She replied 'Why yes, good sir, won't you stay?'
The two watched the show
They cast a great glow
For they were happy as can be

The play ended with a dramatic scene
The audience applauded until they were green
The two went home
For they wanted to roam
After a quick late lunch

So the story goes on for pages galore
Though I definitely wouldn't want to be a bore
In short they married
And the monster carried
The maiden all the way home

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