Red Wine

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Red Wine

Post by lyrical_mess on Tue 23 Sep 2008, 9:07 pm

Red Wine

I am quite the shameless liar,
Telling myself over and over again
That I am finished and done with
Letting smiles cast their tunes and charm
Me away to worse than god-knows-where:
The unrealistic depths of my overactive imagination.

If only I could keep half the promises
I make to myself and if only I could
Promise myself without knowing how
Iíll break it, break me again. Well
You and I both know it wonít happen.
For some unexplainable reason,
I revel and bask in this cycle of despair,
This vulnerability.

But you wouldnít understand
Would you? Not unless I sat down
And wove out my wayward thoughts
In their entirety and ridiculous details.
And then what would you say?

I canít expect the response playing
Over and over like an old movie reel
In front of my mindís eye, where I am good
Enough for you. I know Iím not, but
It still will never stop me.

Nothing ever stops a dreamer from
Hopeless and useless mental meanderings.

I canít help but wish and wish
To see those twinkling bright eyes,
Wait for me in silence like I imagine.
Be, just you, my one and only
Red wine and all Iíll ever need is
One single drop against my
Parched and lonely lips because
Maybe youíre not aware but I
Forsake my sanity for that taste.

Be, just you, my one and only
Red wine and invade my senses
Like I pray for. Force me to shatter
My word to myself and make me
Lose control.

Please make me lose control.
Red Scare

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